We Are Proud To Announce Our 2006-2007 Winners

Nascat Turbo Charged!
CFA 2006-07
CFA Gulf Shore Regions 4th Best Kitten
CFA National 8th Best Kitten
Owner/Breeder: Donna Hinton

Nascat's Rusty Wallace
 CFA 2006-07
CFA Southwest Regions 11th Best Cat in Premiership
CFA's National 6th Best Maine Coon in Premiership
  - Thank you Kathy Davin for showing Rusty in wonderful condition and providing him with a wonderful, loving home.
Y1Kat Mustang Sally of Nascat
CFA 2006-07
CFA National 3rd Best of Breed and
National Best Brown Patched Tabby & White
CFA Gulf Shore Regions 3rd Best Cat and Best Maine Coon
Owner: Donna Hinton

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