Kelimcoons Magic Mile of Nascat


Maggie was obtained from  the Berg Family of Kelimcoons Cattery of New Hampshire.  I'm thrilled to get this girl.  Look at those huge ears, along with heavy boning, a long body, with a very strong, deep chin.  Maggie is fearless, outgoing and has that unique trait of wagging her tail like a dog.

She has a diverse pedigree on the sire's side, plus I'm able to get back some of my earlier lines back through her mom Sunny... with Nona/Tracker-5 generations, along with Kiko's Firecracker, 7 generations.  She should make some beautiful kittens when she goes to Walker in the later part of 2006.


Maggie's Health Screenings
DOB:7/28/05 Hips: To be tested
Heart: To be tested
PEDIGREE FOR "MAGGIE" Total IC: 10.5% Clones: 29.3% Top 5: 67.1%
Kelim Coons Happy Harvick

CH Pawstuctaway Blue Genes of Kelim Coons MST Pawstuctaway jose Cuervo CH Mymains Red Hot N Rollin of Ambar
GRC Pawstuctaway Rosita
CH Pawstuctaway Calamity Jane GRC Amberkatz Doogan of Pawstuctaway
CH Pawsuctaway Sophia
Kelim Coons Tippi MST/GRP Heritage Coons Drew Bledsoe Whales Back B Cosby of Heritage Coons
MST Heritage Coon Lucille Ball
CH Heritage Coons Lola of Kelim Coons CH Kerry-Kit Michael Caine of Heritage Coon
MST Heritage Coons Mae West, OD
Kelim Coons Partly Sunny

GRC/CH/CH Fogcity Striker of Kelim Coons CH Coonoquan Brannan of Fogcity CH Stormwatch Red Skye At Morning
GC Nascat Porshe of Coonoquan
CH Fogcity Perfect Storm IW, SGC Sarajen Jaegermeister
CH Coonyham  Mission Blue of Fogcity
CH/CH Kelim Coons Delta GRC Lacocoon Grt Gatsby of Kelim Coons NW, GRC Lacocoon Revolution
Lacocoon Dizzy Miss Lizzy
CH Coonwyck Jetta of Kelim Coons CH Irishcoons Reiley of Coonwyck
RW, SGC Tipsntufts Sandpiper of Coonwyck


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Created by Kelim Coons, Nascat Maine Coons 2005