GC, RW Tropikoons Talladega of Nascat

Photo by Helmi Flick


Photo by Helmi Flick

Talla's Health Screenings
Heart: 8/6/09 - normal (third screening)
Pedigree Info.
DOB: 7/1/05
Total IC: 13.6%
Clones: 34.5%
Top 5 Foundation: 69.2%


Talla took the kitten class by storm, late in the show season, by earning a regional kitten win in CFA...She granded very quickly in 2 shows in CFA and one show in TICA at a tender age of 9 months.  She's a heavily boned girl, with wonderful cat and her head has that very defined chisled muzzle, great depth, beautiful, clean profile and wonderful large, well placed ears with heavy lynx tips.   And topping off this great package is her wonderful, easy going temperament both in and out of the show hall.
We are very honored to announce that Talla was CFA's Very First Centennial Cat, representing CFA for entire year as their Cat Idol. Talla won with very tough competition and we thank all of you, our friends, who casted your votes, so she could win this prestigious award.

Talla's 2005/2006 Wins -
CFA Gulf Shore Regions 14th Best Kitten & Best Maine Coon Kitten & National 10th Best MC kitten.
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